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ThermoSense MK1

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Overview

3.0 Hardware

4.0 ThermoSoft MK1

5.0 How to Order

3.0 ThermoSense Mk1 Hardware continued

After you have plugged your ThermoSense Mk1 Hardware------- just run the Free imaging Associates ThermoSoft Mk1 Software.
This software is available in two Free forms:-
1) As a program on your computer.
2) As a Portable Application on your Flash or Thumb drive

To run straight away on any windows computer with no installation where ever you are! Of course you will need to take ThermSense Mk1 Hardware with you too.

e) Technical Specification:-

(i) Temperature Range: -55 to 125 Degrees Centigrade or -67 to 257 Degrees Fahrenheit
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(ii) Accuracy ---------------- +or- 0.5 Degree Centigrade from -10 to 85
(iii) Sensitivity ---------------- 0.1 Degree Centigrade & Fahrenheit.
(iv) Standard Supplied length of leads approx. 8m or 26 feet
Note:- Cone Sensors are water proof over the temperature range 1 to 85 Deg. centigrade

f) ThermoSoft Mk1 Downloads:-

ThermoSoft Mk1 is Free to Download for an Organization, University, School etc, and private individuals to make as many copies as they wish.
Note: It may not be Sold and Copyright is enforced and at all times remains with Imaging Associates International.

g) ThermoSoft Mk1 Description:-

The program is available free in two forms.
1) The program resides on and is run from your computers hard disk.
2) The program is in the “Portable Application Format” and resides on a Flash or Thumb drive.
Both programs have similar performance.
The advantage of the portable application on a Flash drive is as follows:-
Users,Teachers, and Students can take ThermoSense Mk1 and ThermoSoft Mk1 and use it on any windows machine.
All this without:-
(i) Installation.
(ii) No Passwords.
-------------- just plug in the Snail & Cone temperature Sensors and a Flash drive with ThermoSoft Mk1 on.
Note: What you do on one computer will only differ when considering the printed output if required.
h) Hardware Spares
Spares such as Leads along with lead extenders used by ThermoSense Mk1 are standard Telephone accessories and may be purchased through a variety of your local inexpensive suppliers or from us. We supply and recommend the following Sansai products. (i) Cable Joiners . IAI-TEL-301 part no. Note: If you wish to extend the Cone Sensors cable length ---Red or Black and are going to use the IAI-TEL-202 series of cable extenders you will need two of these IAI-TEL-301 joiners. You will need two of the TEL-202 cable extenders as well as the wires cross within a single TEL-202 cable. 9 (ii) Cable Extenders IAI-TEL-202 part no. These are available in a number of lengths 2 to 10 m. See Note above if purchasing these items for use with ThermoSense Mk1. 10 (iii) Cable IAI-TEL-212 Mod plug to Mod Socket 10m. Note: No Cable joiners required.

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