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ThermoSense MK1

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Overview

3.0 Hardware

4.0 ThermoSoft MK1

5.0 How to Order

5.0 How to Order ThermoSense Mk1

If you wish to order a ThermoSense Mk1 you must send us an email which contains the following information:-

First Step:-

* The number of ThermoSense Mk1 you require?
* Your Name?
* Your Organization if any?
* Your Street address 1?
* Your Street address 2 if any?
* Your City?
* Your State?
* Your Post Code?
* Your Country?

Note: Imaging Associates cannot deliver to Post Boxes.

Ready to order then click here.

Second Step:

Imaging Associates responds to your email ------- Check your Spam Filter.
(i) We confirm your order with final price which will include Postage & Handling.( For Australia GST will be shown)
(ii) The email will state anticipated delivery time.

Third Step:-

Shipping Time and How to Pay.
(i) When we are ready to ship your ThermoSense Mk1 order we will send you a “ Proforma or to pay advise Invoice” usually by email.
(ii) This Proforma Invoice will have a Unique Number on it.
(iii) If you wish to proceed with the purchase which is now ready to ship you may pay us through Paypal on our website using your Unique number as a key and we will complete the shipping.
(iv) When we ship the goods will be accompanied by a printed invoice and in the case of Australia will included local GST taxes.
(v) Overseas orders are not subject to Australian Taxes.

Fourth Step:-

Email Support when needed is part of your order.
Please use your unique Invoice Number when contacting us.

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