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ThermoSense MK1

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Overview

3.0 Hardware

4.0 ThermoSoft MK1

5.0 How to Order

2.0 Overview

ThermoSense MK1 is designed for Student Enquiry Based Activities in Science, involving one or two temperature measurements.

ThermoSense MK1 helps the Teacher’s Role using Dataloggers to enhance effective Science Learning by easily taking the teachers role from one of Instructor/Disseminator of Knowledge to that of Coach, Resource Provider, and Mentor.

The students are empowered and gain confidence in personal investigative experimentation involving temperature.

ThermoSoft Mk1 Software is Free and multiple copies may be used by students at Home or in the Classroom.

ThermoSoft Mk1 is easy for teachers to train students and give them confidence in it’s use -- for instance by just getting them to use it to measure their hand temperature, print out the Graphical and Digital data with their Name they have done their first experiment . In this context and with application instructions that are usually less than one page of Bold and Double Spaced information confidence is maintained.

ThermoSense Mk1 is a School Level data logging kit which because of the exceptional absolute accuracy and matching of the temperature sensors make it possible for students to make robust and repeatable measurements. Their Experiments will Work or misadventure soon found!!

ThermoSense Mk1 is safe to use. It plugs in to the low voltage USB ports available on all School and home personal computers using the windows operating system.

Graphical, Numerical Print Out, and Save to File :-

The Free ThermoSoft Mk1 gives you a number of ways in saving your Experimental Data.
They are:-
(i) To Hard Copy
(ii) To Save to File.

In Hard Copy ThermoSoft Mk1 allows you to record your data in two forms.
(a) Graphically.
(b) Numerically.

The Image below shows an easy to use Drop Down Menu for “Print & Copy”.

This menu prints your experimental graph.
The next image from the program shows you the Drop Down Menu where you put your Settings for your Experiment.

The next image shows a Drop Down Menu for saving the Data in Numerical or Digital form.

Once saved on your Windows machine ------- Computer Hard Disk or your Flash Drive if you are using ThermoSoft Mk1 as a Portable Application the Digital Temperature Measurement data is available in this format via Window “NotePad” application program.

So Enjoy Analyzing an interpreting your experimental data.

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