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ThermoSense MK1

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Overview

3.0 Hardware

4.0 ThermoSoft MK1

5.0 How to Order

4.0 ThermoSoft Mk1

ThermoSoft Mk1 is the Free software which gives ThermoSense Mk1 the means to display and print Temperature Graphs and numerical data. The graph shown below illustrates many of the simple but accurate measurement aspects of ThermoSense Mk1.

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Notice the Following:-
* The Student Name and the Experiment Name can be entered and included in the printout of the Graph.
* Each Cone Temperature Sensor can be given a user defined name.
There is only one Drop Down Measurement related Menu shown below.

image of thermosoft software

Notice on this Graph the following:-
* The two Cone Temperature Sensors were at first joined together by Blue Tack. See how they both track ambient temperature. * One is separated by normal temperature fingers----- the other never touched. See the rapid response time --Experiment Time 1 minute.
* The temperature Scale is in Fahrenheit and a Drop Down menu allows Max. & Min Temperature Scale adjustment.
ThermoSoft Mk1 runs in the windows environment but is self contained. The “Windows Maze Factor” cannot get students lost. As ThermoSoft Mk1 is self contained and robust; teachers can simply generate when needed one page “Experiment Worksheets” which will compliment the Free ThermoSense Mk1 Application Notes. The ThermoSoft Mk1 Free program can be run resident on the PC or via a Flash Drive as a Portable Application. This approach has been designed to allow students to take home ThermoSense Mk1 & ThermoSoft Mk1 for use as an Enquiry Based Activity ---------- for instance “How hot is my Bedroom compared with the outside Garden” For teachers and students easy of operation is enhanced because ThermoSoft Mk1 has only one Display Window with minimum nesting options.

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